Find Someone

If your looking for someone and you need help to find them, I can help. I have searched and successfully found people we were looking for, friends and family as well as cheating spouses lovers.

I have successfully located my husbands father whom he hasnt seen his whole life. I have located someone from my Grandma’s school days over 60 years ago. I search and I succeed. If i cant find who your looking for then I”ll refund 50% of your money back. You ask why only 50% well because I have to pay out to find people and for my time cause I did work for you.

We dont need to much information but as much as you can offer. I have found people with just a first name and a cell phone number (cheating spouse), I have found people with approximate ages, and first and last name, as well as birthdates, last known address, phone numbers, SSN’s, spouses names, possible relatives, etc….

If you are looking for any one and you need help just submit the form on our contact page and send me all the info you have on the person your looking for, and I’ll see what I can find using my resources.

My Grandmother wanted to find an old friend from about 60 years ago. She couldnt remember his exact age but could remember his name. First thing I did was found possible relatives and asked if these people sounded fimilar

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